Trash Hauler Jiggers Bills, Class Claims

     PHOENIX (CN) – Republic Services, a waste disposal company, charges two unfair fees to recover its rising fuel and environmental costs, a class action claims in Federal Court. The company claims the charges are related to its cost increases, but the class claims the fees often are unrelated from the actual costs and at times increased when costs decreased.

     The class claims that Republic Services CEO John Zillmer acknowledged in 2007 that the “purported cost recovery fees were simply a ‘cover’ to ‘accelerate pricing.'”
     Plaintiffs seek declaratory and injunctive relief. They want the cost-recovery fees declared unenforceable and the waste disposal fees reduced.
     Allied Waste Industries, which merged with Republic Services, is also named as a defendant.
     The class is represented by Andrew S. Friedman with Bonnett, Fairbourn, Friedman and Balint.

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