Bravado International Merchandising Services claims more than 50 people and businesses, including OK Sportswear,, and the African American Dollar Store are infringing on Michael Jackson’s copyrights, trademarks and image, in Los Angeles Federal Court.

     Here are the defendants: Jin Cha, OK Sportswear, EZ Sportswear, Chang Oh Kim, Eden Sports, Justin Ju, Sy Sports, Susan Lee, Lee’s Family, Green T Corp., Kyung Sook Ma, Cesar Iglesias, Bling Bling, Kauh Un Lee, Arthur Berman, Wacky Planet, aka, aka, David Ahoubian, D & T Distribution, Paris Fashions, Clothing Island, aka, Print Liberation, Jaime Dillon, Nick Paparone, Dr. Jay’s, Maggi Fashion Wholesale, Mansour Rokhsarzadeh, Azizi Afshin, Bargin, Ahmad Jamhour, Oz Communications, Otto Suarez, Olga Lyons, Shop Rumor LLC, Anooshka Zakarian, Esther Lee, Keum Sporstwear Corp., Chan Song Lee, African American Dollar Store, Edna Clement Swan, Jack Leiberman,, Skreened LLC, Daniel Fox, Shiekh LLC,, Daniel Lassoff, Shaky City Blues, Mario Ontiveros, Main Collection Inc., Su Young Cho, MB Sportswear, Choung Choe, Right Thang, Hyo Jang Yoon, Buy Merchant Inc, Craig Bentham, et al.

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