Track Coach Openly Courted Teen, Mom Says

     CHICAGO (CN) – School officials didn’t blink when their track coach held hands in the hallway with an underage teen he turned out to also be sleeping with, the girl’s mom says in court.
     Janice Doe, on behalf of her daughter Jane Doe, filed suit Monday against Gerald Gaddy and the Board of Education of the city of Chicago in Cook County Court.
     Though Gaddy had a criminal record, including multiple drug convictions, he coached the girls’ track and field team and the boys’ wrestling team last year at Simeon High School, according to the complaint.
     Doe says her daughter was a junior at Simeon High School last year when “Gaddy on over 40 occasions sexually fondled, engaged in sexual intercourse, or otherwise sexually abused” the teen.
     “On numerous occasions these incidents occurred in his office of in other rooms on the premises of Simeon High School,” the complaint states.
     Gaddy shared his office at Simeon with another wrestling coach last year, but he “was so confident and self-assured of his ability to sexually exploit minor Jane Doe – even in the presence of other coaches – that he would not lock his office door when he engaged in sexual intercourse and sexual abuse of her,” Doe continues.
     Doe also says that Gaddy held her daughter’s hand as they walked through the hallways of the high school, sat “romantically” with her on the bus when traveling to track meets, and sent her cards in his own handwriting, making reference to their last meeting.
     Gaddy also had sexual relationships with at least two other girls on the track team at the same time, the mother says.
     “Defendant Gaddy’s common-law wife – another girls’ track coach at Simeon High School – shouted open and public accusations against Gaddy and Jane Doe, accusing them of engaging in a sexual relationship while travelling on a Simeon High School bus to and/or from track meets and in the presence of other girls’ track coaches and female students,” the complaint states.
     “Defendant Gaddy, through his lascivious behavior toward Jane Doe, robbed Jane Doe of the innocence of her remaining youth.”
     Gaddy was arrested and charged with sexual assault of several teenage girls in July, the Chicago Tribune reported.
     Doe seeks damages for negligence, negligent hiring, negligent failure to report, negligent supervision, willful and wanton conduct, and battery.
     She is represented by James Montgomery Jr.

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