Toyota Prius Isn’t a Limo, Appeals Court Rules

     (CN) – A Florida county correctly refused to classify a Toyota Prius as a limousine, the 11th Circuit ruled. The three-judge panel held that without the county’s luxury vehicle restrictions, “any old jalopy might be passed off as a limousine.”
Moshe Leib sought to provide an environmentally friendly option for his limousine service, so he bought a Prius.
     However, the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission denied his permit application, ruling that a Prius does not qualify as a “luxury” vehicle.
     Leib sued for violation of due process and equal protection. He also alleged that the commission’s rules are unconstitutionally vague.
     The district court dismissed the claim, and Judge Marcus of the federal appeals court in Atlanta affirmed the decision.
     “We agree with the district court that a multitude of rational bases might be adduced in support of the (luxury) requirement,” Judge Marcus wrote. “Without the requirement, any old jalopy might be passed off as a limousine.”

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