Tony Parker Says Bar Brawl Knocked Him Out of the Game

     (CN) – San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker filed a $20 million lawsuit claiming a New York club should have prevented a brawl between Chris Brown and Drake that involved “bottle throwing, possible gunshots, and a general melee.”
     Parker says the altercation left him with a cut eye, and he was unable to play basketball.
     On the night of June 14, Parker says there was a brawl at the club involving pop stars Chris Brown and Drake.
     The media has reported that there was a dispute between the two stars, who had both dated the pop singer Rihanna, and that both men went to the W.i.P. with large entourages.
     “According to the media, at some point Drake’s entourage and Brown’s entourage entered into an altercation involving bottle throwing, possible gunshots, and a general melee,” the complaint states.
     Parker says he was sitting at a separate table from Brown and Drake, but he suffered a corneal laceration and other injuries from the brawl, which left him “unable to attend to his usual duties and vocation.”
     The lawsuit claims the club should have known about the tension between Brown and Drake, and is responsible for Parker’s injuries.
     Parker sued a New York City club and its proprietors who “have created a confusing conglomerate of different names to operate the Greenhouse and W.i.P. clubs.”
     The NBA star says Barry Mullineaux and his associates “created an intricate web of corporations…in order to conceal the identity of the owners and operators of the Greenhouse and W.i.P. clubs.”
     “The defendants also knew that there was criminal and other improper activity taking place inside as well as outside of the clubs; there had been numerous calls to the police; there had been violent incidents at the clubs; upon information defendants had been denied a liquor license due to the violent incidents and lack of security at both the Greenhouse and W.i.P. clubs,” the complaint states.
     The defendants are W.i.P. Club, Barry Mullineaux, Collective Hardware Inc., John Bakhshi, Lina Kay, Hirukuni Sai, John C. Best, Frank Porco, Merlin B. Willis, 150 Rft Varick Corp., 150 Rft Varick Basement and W&M Operating.
     Parker seeks $20 million in damages, and is represented by David Jaroslawicz of Jaroslawicz & Jaros in New York.

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