Tobacco Board Defamed Her, Director Says

     LEXINGTON, KY. (CN) – A former director of the Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative claims Coop President Roger Quarles defamed her to the board by claiming that he had obtained personal emails between her and a former employee that showed “that the two were engaged in a lesbian love affair.”

     Plaintiff Helen Cornett claims the defamation was done to force her off the board, “due to her opposition of the concerted effort of defendant Quarles to rid the board of supporters of Danny McKinney, the former CEO of the BTGCA who was forced out of his position with the BTGCA by defendant Mr. Quarles.”
     She also sues the board members, who denied her requests to see the emails.
     Cornett is represented in Fayette Circuit Court by Susan Ham of Somerset, Ky.

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