Tivo Goes After Cisco in Patent Fight

     MARSHALL, Texas (CN) – One week after Cisco sued it pre-emptively in San Jose, Tivo claims in Federal Court that Cisco Systems violates three of its patents.
     Tivo claims that Cisco violates patents in the DVR units it provides to Verizon and Time Warner Cable companies.
     It claims Cisco has been aware of Tivo’s patents since 2010, and aware of similar litigation against Echostar, the owner of Dish Network’s satellite fleet and developer of competing DVR units.
     Tivo claims Cisco’s Explorer and CHS DVR products infringe on patents covering time-shifting of streamed content, among other things.
     In January, Dallas-based AT&T settled similar claims regarding its competing DVR systems by agreeing to pay $215 million and entering into licensing agreements with Tivo.

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