Title Washing

     SAN DIEGO – Enterprise Rent-a-Car claims a long list of defendants rented 86 cars, then washed the titles and sold them; click headline to see the defendants in Superior Court.
     Here are the defendants in the title-washing complaint: California Department of Motor Vehicles; Yasser Yalda; Wesam Georges; Nicholas & Donovan Financial Inc; Top Dollar; Victor Daniel; J Brian Investments; Autohaus San Diego; Maria Davila; Faramarz Abadi; Jeff Shepard; California Registration Services Inc; AVRS Inc; Nicole Cunningham; Jessica Cunningham; Aiyad Toma; Alen Putros; Abouni Foad; Jeff Zaiser; Gabrielle Durrell; Kelly Torstrom; Rame Shamioon; Reta Shamioon; Rebecca Ortega; Sam Somo; Samir Mako; Hutoglu Songul; American Contractors Indemnity Company; Western Surety Co.; International Fidelity Insurance Co.; and Hartford Fire Insurance Co.

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