Three Women Call Doctor a Predator

     CINCINNATI (CN) – Three women say a Tri-Health doctor sexually molested them while performing bogus exams. One says Dr. James Kegler put his fingers into her vagina, claiming he was “trying to feel her pulse down there.”

     Among the obnoxious acts alleged are that Kegler opened one woman’s blouse during her “examination,” grabbed her breasts and said, “You probably let some bubble lip guy suck on your breast.” She claims Kegler put his hand in her underwear and slid his fingers inside her vagina, claiming he was “trying to feel her pulse down there.”
     Two plaintiffs claim Kegler gave them a drug to dilate their eyes and blur their vision, making it easier for him to grab their breasts and stick his bare fingers in their vaginas. They claim that during theses “examinations” Kegler was “breathing heavily and sweating” and making comments for his own “deviant sexual gratification.”
     The women claim that Tri-Health, of Cincinnati, knew Kegler used his position to prey on female patients and hired him even though he had had complaints of sexual misconduct filed against him in the 1990s and the Ohio Medical Board had suspended his license.
     Tonya Bowman, Antoinette Daniels and Donna Caffie seek punitive damages for negligent hiring and loss of consortium and are represented by Rasheed Simmonds with Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan.

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