Three Guilty of Murder for Hire

ST. LOUIS (CN) – A federal jury convicted two men of murder for hire. James K. Kornhardt and Steven A. Mueller killed a man so his wife could collect on insurance. Karen Coleman hired the men to murder her husband, Danny. She pleaded guilty on June 3.

     Kornhardt, a firefighter, and Mueller fatally shot Danny Coleman in St. Louis on Oct. 2, 1992 and burned his body in a rural Franklin County field, about 60 miles southwest of St. Louis.
     After a 6-day trial, Kornhardt and Mueller were convicted of conspiracy to commit murder for hire and murder. Kornhardt was also found guilty of obstruction of justice, including destroying a firearm, silencer and ammunition.
     Kornhardt, Mueller and Karen Coleman each face a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison.
     Kornhardt and Mueller will be sentenced on Sept. 16. Karen Coleman will be sentenced on Aug. 31.

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