Those Damn Telephone Machines …

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Perhaps unaware that his customer’s answering machine was still on, and that he had not disconnected the call, All Sports Photos employee Bernard Salganik called a customer a “nigger” and derided “niggers” in a message he left on her answering machine, the customer claims in Superior Court.

     The customer adds that not only did Salganik subject her to emotional distress by dunning her for a bill for photos, she paid the bill, but never received the photos.
     And she claims that, because she was unaware that she was about to be abused, she played Salganik’s message on a speaker phone at her job, which subjected her to additional embarrassment and emotional distress in front of her co-workers.
     Represented by Engel & Engel of Baltimore, she demands punitive damages.

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