They Serve, Protect and Zap You

     CHICAGO (CN) – A woman claims in court that Chicago police Tasered her while she was 8 months pregnant, in a dispute over a parking ticket.

     Tiffany Rent sued Chicago, its police Officers Reginald Pippen, Ronald Forgue, and Dennis Smith, and unknown officers, in Federal Court.
     “On June 5, 2012 while at a Walgreens Drug Store located at 10300 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60628, plaintiff Tiffany Rent had an encounter with defendants Pippen, Forgue, Smith and the unknown City of Chicago police officers relating to a parking ticket,” according to the complaint.
     “Following the issuance of the parking ticket, plaintiff Tiffany Rent was brutally attacked, shocked with a Taser gun all while she was visibly eight months pregnant. Plaintiff Rent was also enduring a medically high risk pregnancy at the time.
     “Following the brutal Taser gun attack, plaintiff Rent was forcefully taken to the ground and left there while defendants Pippen, Forgue, Smith and the unknown City of Chicago police officers mocked and laughed at plaintiff Rent writhing on the ground in pain.
     “Plaintiff Rent’s children who were with her at the time … were also unreasonably detained and falsely imprisoned by defendants.”
     Rent’s children are 9 and 3. She claims the cops “also charged plaintiff Tiffany Rent with criminal offenses in an attempt to cover-up the illegal and brutal attacks and false imprisonment that they perpetrated against the plaintiffs.”
     And, she says, “following these attacks, plaintiff Rent and her unborn child required attention in two separate medical facilities.”
     She seeks damages for constitutional violations and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     She is represented by Keenan Saulter, with Saulter Tarver.

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