There’s Money To Be Made In School Sports

     CHICAGO (CN) – A dispute over promotional materials for an athletic scholarship service reveals the money to be made helping parents get those scholarships for their kids. The National Collegiate Scouting Association says its former representative, who appears in the disputed videos, averaged more than $250,000 a year pitching association services.

NCSA, which has 62 employees, says it’s entitled to use the videos nade by the former representiave, Jack Renkins, when he worked for it.
     Renkins quit in 2008 to work for a competitor, Recruiting Realities, in Scottsdale, Ariz. Renkins has demanded that NCSA stop using the videos he appears in. NCSA says that wasn’t the deal. It says it owns the Renkins videos and can keep using them.
     NCSA is represented by Levenfeld Pearlstein.

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