The Worst PR Firm in the World?

     SEATTLE (CN) – A public relations firm that charged $10,000 for web portal construction, advertising and PR services, provided only a one-page press release full of grammatical errors – and it was plagiarized, a disgruntled client claims in court.
     Centurion Enterprises sued Dynamic Virtual Office on Wednesday in King County Court, alleging fraud, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and consumer law violations.
     Centurion claims it paid Dynamic $10,000 for a variety of PR services, but got only a worthless “press release” in return.
     “To date, only one service has been provided- a one page ‘press release’ that was posted on November 19, 2013 on, a free service that allows any person or company to post material online, for two of plaintiff’s companies,” the complaint states.
     “Review of the press releases revealed that one of the posting’s contents had been almost completely plagiarized from a website maintained by Vemma Nutrition Company, the company from which plaintiff purchases wholesale goods for resale. The other was filled with typographical errors and severe grammatical mistakes.”
     Centurion claims Dynamic failed to provide any other services and refused to refund the $10,000.
     “Despite numerous phone calls and emails requesting further proof of work, defendant failed to show that it had performed any other tasks other than publishing a plagiarized press release and a flawed press release on a free service and referring plaintiff to a third party company. Defendant failed to show that it had performed any work on the promised web design services,” the complaint states.
     Centurion wants its $10,000 back, and statutory and treble damages.
     It is represented by Wade E. Neal, with Dynan & Associates.

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