The Vacation From Hell

     TRENTON (CN) – A travel agent who booked rooms for 740 people in upstate New York in the dead of winter claims Getaway Weekend Vacations and Nevele Grand Resort gave them “unbearably cold” and stinky rooms with no heat or hot water, and now the guests demand return of their $265,000 and the agent is out another $43,000 in expenses.

     Steven Ayers claims the disastrous trip to Ellenville ruined his reputation. He says at least one room was contaminated with feces and at least one bedsheet was bloodstained. He claims that Nevele and Getaway, dba Adventure Unlimited, did not provide the two days of entertainment they promised. And he claims Adventure promised to return the money, but refuses to do it.
     Ayers demands damages for breach of contract, theft and consumer fraud. He is represented by Dean Weisgold of Philadelphia.

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