The Two Sides of Covid, the Election, Climate Change and Facts

The adage “There’s two sides to every story” is rarely more evident than when it’s on parade — as it was Wednesday evening — on dueling cable news networks.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham once again used her platform Wednesday night to rail against Covid-19 safety measures and sustainable energy, both of which she pins on draconian Democrats intent on handing China the keys to the proverbial castle.

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, covering for Laurence O’Donnell, lashed out at the entire Republican party for propagating lies about Covid-19 and election fraud.

(CN) – Fox News host Laura Ingraham began her broadcast Wednesday night by once again falsely equating Covid-19-related safety measures to a calculated forfeiture of freedom. Wherever there’s a mandate she opposes, like masks and lockdowns, it’s a vicious affront to freedom; when it’s one she supports, like, say, a nationwide ban on abortion or gay marriage, well that’s gravy.

MSNBC host Ali Velshi, meanwhile, gladly exclaims that upon taking office President-elect Biden plans to undo as many of President Donald Trump’s “dangerous” policies as he can. Unfortunately, says Velshi, there is no back button for the division, discontent and doubt sowed by the president over the past four years.


Laura Ingraham immediately took issue with Biden’s presumed support for a carbon tax, which as of yet is unconfirmed, but which most economists and climate scientists enthusiastically support. She’s no fan of his plans to spur sustainable energy production across the US, either.

Ingraham would have viewers believe China will just take any well-paying green energy jobs created by Biden, leaving taxpayers stuck with the bill. She conveniently ignores the fact that you can’t outsource wind turbine or a solar panel installation or related infrastructure projects, where most of those jobs would be created.

The Fox News host is no doubt insulated from most of the near-term effects of climate change and pollution, just as she’s insulated from the threat posed by Covid-19 — unlike whoever delivered her dinner tonight. She can safely blow off these issues as liberal hoaxes because she and her family aren’t going to bear the burden with the average American.

Gina McCarthy, Biden’s pick as domestic climate czar, didn’t escape Ingraham’s wrath either. Ingraham said China, which she describes as a “despotic communist regime whose entire goal is to eclipse the US,” must be laughing at McCarthy and her colleagues behind closed doors after reading a statement by McCarthy praising China’s efforts on climate change.

McCarthy currently heads up the Natural Resources Defense Council, which Ingraham points out also praised China’s climate efforts and previously came under congressional investigation for its close ties with the country.

“I’m sure those Uighur reeducation camps are models of low carbon living,” she taunted, opportunistically citing the group of 1 million people currently interned in Xinyiang, China.

Alternative facts

Velshi blasted Republicans for promoting a plethora of lies told by Trump, even following the president’s loss in November’s election. Velshi believes the damage these lies have inflicted, by politicizing mask-wearing and convincing half his supporters that a U.S. presidential election was rigged, can’t be undone with a quick wave of Biden’s magic wand.

Velshi reports that more than 200 elected Republican officials continue to refuse to acknowledge that Biden won the election. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did, finally. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin did. Yet, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy — along with much of the GOP rank and file — continue the charade in hopes of gaining favor with the outgoing president’s base.

Christopher Krebs, the former Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity chief who was recently fired by Trump, testified before a Senate committee hearing Wednesday that the election was free and fair, and asked his fellow Republicans to come clean and move on. Krebs and his family were assigned special security because of ongoing death threats against them, and he noted that other Republicans who have denied the election was fraudulent have been receiving those same threats.

“I would appreciate more support from my own party, the Republican party, to call this stuff out and end it. We’ve gotta move on — we have a president elect in President-elect Biden — we have to move on. This is not America,” pleaded Krebs.


Ingraham singled out California Governor Gavin Newsom for imposing the strictest Covid-19 lockdowns in the country, which she claims has done nothing to slow the spread of the disease. She reports that a petition to recall Newsom has already reached 750,000 signatures.

“This is a very realistic effort, this isn’t a joke, people are mobilized and we have over half the signatures that we will need,” said guest Melissa Menendez, Republican California state senator, when asked about the petition.

“When you have a governor and his Democrat colleagues who tell you ‘Don’t go gather with your family, don’t go dine in restaurants outdoors, don’t do this, don’t do that.’ And then what happens? They do the exact opposite,” chided Menendez.

Painting herself as a savior of sorts, Menendez claims Democrats have reached out across the aisle seeking her help to rid themselves of Newsom, to which she has humbly obliged. She again chided Newsom for focusing on the number of people who have died from Covid-19, rather than the far greater number who have recovered, without so much as acknowledging the absurdity behind that line of reasoning.

Most people survive secondhand smoke exposure too. But you still can’t light up in a restaurant, and people gave up that fight years ago because preventable deaths matter.


Velshi reported that Congress is nearing agreement on a new $900 billion Covid-19 stimulus package after a number of notable misstarts and eight months after passing their first — and only — package to help the American people. The new bill is said to provide $600 directly to every American, enhanced unemployment benefits, small business loans and rental assistance, among other essentials.

Velshi deemed the previously proposed bills as “pathetic” attempts to bail out large corporations.

“We are not going to vote for a deal that doesn’t have direct relief, money in people’s pockets, and to us that is direct relief checks and it is expanded unemployment assistance,” said Washington state Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat and newly elected chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. “Those are the two things that are the most immediate in terms of getting relief to people.”

Jayapal said another $3.5 to $4.5 trillion dollars will be needed to reverse the economic damage wrought by the pandemic, which she chalks up in part to a reluctance on the part of Republicans to take the issue seriously.

Nearly 8 million Americans’ incomes have fallen below the poverty line since the summer, the largest short-term increase in the 60 years that these numbers have been tracked. Velshi noted the same Republicans who gladly jumped on board for Trump’s tax cuts in 2017 have suddenly become penny-pinchers — citing the country’s debt — once it came to helping constituents in need.

Constituents who don’t donate to political campaigns, that is.

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