The Real Clell Tickle Is Not Amused

     (CN) – Clell Tickle, a “professional realtor, photographer, musician and actor,” says Viacom misappropriated his name and sells a video series “intended to be humorous” about “Clell Tickle, Indie Marketing Guru.” The fictional Tickle is “a violent music promoter that uses threats and profane language to promote his clients,” and the videos are offensive, Tickle says.

     Tickle claims that the unauthorized use of his name “was not coincidental.” He says the offensive films were made by “a comedy troupe associated with defendant known as The Human Giant.”
     Tickle says he responded to a casting call by sending The Human Giant (THG) his mugshot and biographical information. “THG never responded to the plaintiff, but instead simply appropriated his name of its own use in the subject video,” according to the complaint in Newark Federal Court.
     “At various times, Mr. Anziz Ansari and other persons associated with THG have admitted that they appropriated the plaintiff’s name in this manner,” Tickle says.
     He adds that the videos are offensive. “For instance, one of the posts on YouTube states, ‘I’m gonna have Clell Tickle give you a Columbian necktie, you fucking Jew.'”
     Tickle seeks punitive damages for misappropriation, unfair competition and privacy violations. He is represented by Marc Misthal, and New York, N.Y.

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