The Law In Alabama

     FLORENCE, ALA. (CN) – After a 74-year-old man told the St. Florian City Council that he believed the police chief had discriminated against a police officer who had resigned, the police chief placed the old man in a chokehold, dragged him from the meeting and pushed him down, then filed two bogus charges against him – “menacing” and “harassing” – both of which were dismissed, the man claims in Federal Court.

     Lawrence Locker, 74, adds that he designed the police badge that Police Chief Ralph Richey wears.
     Locker claims he needed medical treatment after Richey attacked him on June 12, 2006. He claims Richey falsely accused him of “menacing” on June 13, and that when that was dismissed in August, Richey falsely accused him again, of “harassment,” in September, and that that was thrown out too.
     Richey demands punitive damages for unconstitutional retaliation. He is represented by Terrinell Lyons.

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