The FAA Disallows ‘Polished Frost’ on Planes

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The FAA no longer will allow planes to fly with “polished frost” on the wings and stabilizing and control surfaces, as of Feb. 1. The agency has deemed it too risky.

     Frost changes the aerodynamics of the areas of the plane that cause lift, as soon as it “begins to adhere to the surfaces,” according to the preamble of the Federal Aviation Administration’s new rule. The preamble also states that references to “polished frost” must be removed from the regulations, because of the impossibility of ensuring that a frost-covered surface that has been polished is uniformly, or symmetrically, smooth.
     Putting covers on the wings to prevent frost accumulation is the lowest-cost alternative for complying with this rule, according to the FAA.
     Click the document icon for this and other regulations.

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