The Deluge

     Election Day approaches, like a repulsive venomous insect, and the choice is clear: After George W. Bush spent 8 years burning down the economy and lying us into war, how badly will we punish the Democrats for failing to fix it all in 2 years?
     We’ll punish them pretty badly, if you believe the polls and the newspapers, and I see no reason to disbelieve them.
     I’m not one of those who believe the media is run by liberal conspirators who want to push the homosexual agenda upon God-fearing, closeted Christians. No, I don’t believe that. I do believe, however, if you can trust the polls and the newspapers, that my fellow citizens appear to be a bunch of morons.
     I’m not running for anything so I can say that.
     What is wrong with this country?
     Why do millions of free people, the most prosperous in the history of the world, the best-informed, best-educated citizenry in history, swallow bullshit like chicken soup, and regurgitate it as though it were the Word of God?
     Here’s what has happened, though I have yet to see anyone report it in plain English.
     The John Birch Society has risen from the dead, captured the Republican Party, and cowed the Democrats into submission.
     The Democratic Party, the political representatives of 155 million people, are scared to death of a few thousand nuts and morons.
     A series of trillion-dollar thefts in broad daylight have transferred the wealth of the nation out of the pockets of tens of millions of poor and middle class people into the pockets of the few thousand thieves who created the crises: the savings and loan crooks, the Enron-WorldCom crooks, the junk mortgage crooks, the banking crooks who froze the world banking system.
George W. Bush and his minions hollowed out the United States and screwed our workers the same way bloodsuckers that Sam Zell and Ken Lay did – outright lies, selling off the company – or the country – in parts, pocketing the money and walking away.
     And the people who made these crimes possible, the politicians who aided and abetted the greatest thefts in the history of the world, the deregulating, right-wing, Bible-thumping, trickle-down Republicans, have persuaded a majority of U.S. citizens that it’s Barack Obama’s fault because he hasn’t fixed it in 21 months, while Republicans obstructed everything he tried to do.
     I’m not giving President Obama a free pass. He is a very smart man, but he is the most politically maladroit president since Jimmy Carter. He lacks the one talent that George W. Bush had – in fact, the only talent that Bush had: the ability to instill fear.
     Bush ran a vicious, thieving, corrupt regime of torturers, fat cats and war criminals. But he knew how to instill fear – not just in other countries, but here at home, above all in the Democratic Party and its spineless representatives in Congress.
     Obama can’t instill fear in a housecat. Republicans have no reason to meet him halfway, on anything, because his bargaining position begins at halfway toward surrender.
     Since the economic meltdown began, the Dow Jones average has sunk from 14,000 to 8,000, and climbed back to above 11,000 today. That ain’t a bad recovery from the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression.
     But Mr. and Mrs. Main Street have not recovered. Unemployment is still above 10 percent, though the official figures that pretend people no longer exist after they’ve been out of work for 6 months put it at 9.6 percent.
     Don’t voters notice that the wealth keeps being siphoned upward, while the pain keeps sliding down?
     Why are we about to reward the people who led us into a useless and unwinnable war, who stole trillions of dollars in broad daylight, who sextupled the national debt during an era of national prosperity, and whose recipe for the future is more of the same?
     The only plausible answer is the utter political incompetence of the Democratic Party. Didn’t they learn a thing from Bill Clinton?
     President Clinton knew how to handle Republicans. Whatever the GOP said, Clinton would reply, “That’s what I think, and here’s how we’re going to do it.”
     It drove the Republicans nuts. And Clinton got things done. I don’t like a lot of the things he did, but he got things done.
     Republicans capture voters by using words like Liberty, Freedom, God and Free Enterprise, and claiming that they invented them. Republicans do this because nobody likes what they actually do in office – so they give us gigantic, vaporous words.
     Democrats respond with lame words like Inclusion and Fairness – things Americans never gave a damn about and never will.
     Democrats have to do what Clinton did – co-opt the liars. Take every slogan they make up and claim it for Democrats. It’s a transparent dodge, sure, but Americans fall for it every time.

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