The Credit Card That Won’t Go Away

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A customer says HSBC Bank Nevada sent him a credit card he did not ask for or want, so he cut it up and mailed it back to the bank, refusing it. He says the next month the bank billed him $99.99 on the unwanted card, proceeded to charge him $35 a month in “late fees,” and put the insane charges on his credit report, despite repeated complaints from his attorney.

     In his federal complaint, Thomas Schneider says he had an HSBC credit card when it sent him a second card he didn’t ask for, want, or need. He says he cut it up and sent it back, whereupon the aforesaid madness ensued. He says HSBC refuses to remove the derogatory and unfair allegations from his credit history.
     Schneider seeks punitive damages. He is represented by Donald Seth of Santa Rosa.

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