That Was One Strange Job …

     ATLANTA (CN) – A young woman fresh out of college claims a staffing firm fired her for resisting its policies, which included taking and sharing semi-nude photos of her, mandatory “training sessions” with offensive sexual contact, and forcing her to record her bowel movements and her “reading and affirming patterns.”
     Christine Hoffner sued Internal Data Resources and its “company personal trainer” Saint Day Adeogba, in Fulton County Superior Court. Adeogba is also described as “an owner, employee and/or agent” of the company, IDR.
     Hoffner claims that IDR, which recruits IT workers for its clients, “aggressively pursued” her to work for it while she was a student at the University of Georgia. She went to work for IDR after she graduated in June 2010.
     On her first day of work, Hoffner says she was told she told had to participate in workouts with Adeogba, to comply with IDR’s “company values.” She says she also was ordered to keep written records of “personal and private aspects” of her life on the IDR “balance chart.”
     This personal data included recording her daily bowel movements for “cleansing;” her daily consumption of food and vitamins, as IDR prohibited “the consumption of dairy, cheese, yogurt, foods containing gluten” and “eating after 8:30 p.m.;” and her daily sleep, “meditation and reading and affirming patterns.”
     In her first week on the job, she says, for a training session with Adeogba, he told her to “remove all of her clothes on her upper body down to her sports bra so that Adeogba could take photographs of the plaintiff.”
     She says she was “fearful, intimidated, embarrassed and humiliated” by this. She says the photos “were acquired through intimidation, threats and duress to the plaintiff and other IDR employees,” and that the defendants “published the revealing, embarrassing and humiliating photographs of employees to IDR management, IDR owners and on the Internet” without her permission or consent.
     During her “training sessions,” Hoffner says, Adeogba “committed inappropriate acts of assault and battery and offensive sexual contact and touching” against her. She says he “inappropriately placed his hands on plaintiff’s thighs, around her breasts and would stand close to plaintiff so that his body was in contact with hers in a vulgar and offensive sexual manner.” She says this happened “on most every mandatory ‘personal training session’ and (was) crude, vulgar, inappropriate and sexually offensive.”
     She says Adeogba “repeatedly made crude, vulgar and sexually offensive comments” to her, about her body and physical appearance, her relationship with her fiancé, and “the owners [sic] physical conquests of other female IDR employees.”
     Hoffner says she met or exceeded the company’s production requirements, but IDR refused to pay her “any commissions that were due” to her.
     When she finally refused to participate in any more “personal training sessions,” Hoffner says, IDR fired her, claiming she “didn’t meet all of the company values (refusal to go to personal trainer).”
     Hoffner claims IDR has an extremely high turnover rate in its entry-level recruiting positions and therefore seeks new employees at college-sponsored job fairs for graduating students. During this process, she says, IDR intentionally withholds “material information” from its prospects.
     She seeks punitive damages and costs for assault and battery, false imprisonment, fraud, conspiracy, privacy invasion, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     Hoffner is represented by Gary D. Hooper of Hooper Law Partners.

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