That Didn’t Work Out Too Well

     RALEIGH, N.C. (CN) – A company claims it paid The Executive Staffing Group more than $10,000 to find it an office manager, and the company sent it “a two time convicted felon for embezzlement,” who promptly embezzled more than $60,000, pleaded guilty to it, and became a three-time loser.

     Plaintiff Holder Mechanical Designs says the woman that Executive Staffing sent it had a long criminal record, including two charges of felony embezzlement, eight “misdemeanor worthless check” charges, and a drug charge. And it claims that the embezzler stopped swiping money only because she had a stroke and couldn’t work anymore.
     Holder says that if Executive had done the background check, as it promised, it would have discovered the woman’s record, and Holder would not have hired her.
     Holder demands treble damages. It is represented in Wake County Court by Kieran Shanahan.

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