Texas LULAC|Sues National Officers

     SAN ANTONIO (CN) – The Texas chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens sued its national officers, claiming the LULAC national board wrongfully set aside the election of several new state directors.
     Texas LULAC State Director Florinda Chavez and other officers, including Deputy State Director Beatrice Martinez, Director of Youth Peter Anzaldua and Deputy State Director of the Elderly Lourdes Galvan claim they were legally elected on June 10 but the LULAC national board set aside their elections on June 29.
     Named as defendants in Bexar County Court are National Director Margaret Moran, National Treasurer Roger Rocha Jr., and Vice President of Southwest LULAC Baldomero Garza.
     “The national board by overturning the election affected the position of immediate past state director which thereby affected [co-plaintiff] Joe Cardenas III and his standing as member of the Texas LULAC board,” the complaint states.
     “The national board allowed the the state treasurer, deputy for women and deputy for young adults to remain.”
     The plaintiffs say the action was arbitrary in that the board voided the election of some directors and not all.
     The national board “voted” to appoint lead defendant Moran as Texas state director for 30 days; she is to appoint a committee of three people not from Texas and not LULAC members to select the next directors of the four state offices who elected members were given the boot. The plaintiffs say the board allowed a hearing to the challenge only the state director’s election and refused to allow the other plaintiffs to be heard.
     “This action taken by the national board is in violation of their constitution, bylaws and protocol,” the complaint states. “The process for challenging an election is not provided within the constitution and even so it should have been brought to the state level prior to the national board.”
     They also say Moran’s proposed committee is not allowed under the LULAC constitution, bylaws and protocol.
     The plaintiffs seek declaratory and injunctive relief that nullifies the national board’s actions, which they contend violate their due process rights.
     They are represented by Robert Wilson with Gale, Wilson & Sanchez in San Antonio.

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