Texan in Jail After Campus Stabbing Rampage

     HOUSTON (CN) – A Texan who said he’d fantasized about cutting off people’s faces slashed a college student’s throat, stabbed another’s cheek and cut at least 10 more during a campus rampage, two students claim in court.
     Marcela Catano and Xiomara Guerra sued 21-year-old Dylan Andrew Quick in Harris County Court.
     Quick has been put on suicide watch in jail, according to a court order.
     Students at Lone Star College in Cypress had just returned from Easter break when Quick attacked, according to the complaint and the school calendar.
     Cypress is a northwest Houston suburb.
     “On April 9, 2013, the defendant set out with the conscious objective, desire and intent to attack and stab, maim, injure, wound, harm and potentially kill as many students as he could that day on the Lone Star College CyFair Campus,” the complaint states.
     Armed with a box cutter and a scalpel, Quick roamed the halls of the school’s health science building, randomly cutting fellow students, cbsnews.com reported.
     “Plaintiff Marcela Catano was attempting to descend a flight of stairs on the 2nd floor of the Health and Science Center No. 1 located on the Lone Star College CyFair campus,” the complaint states.
     “A male student stood in front of her and was holding up his backpack in front of him. The student turned to Marcela and told her to run. The defendant then stabbed Marcela and slashed her throat.
     “As a result of her injuries, plaintiff Marcela Catano had to get stitches in her neck and has permanent scarring as a result of the assault by defendant. In addition to the physical pain, Marcela has and will likely continue to suffer from emotional and mental pain as a result of the assault at the hands of defendant.
     “Plaintiff Xiomara Guerra was on the first floor of the Health & Science Center No. 1 … studying in a cubicle in the hallway. Xiomara saw the defendant run past her down the hallway, stop, and he came back and stabbed Xiomara in the left hand as she was attempting to defend herself. In addition, the defendant stabbed her in the right cheek.
     “As a result of her injuries, plaintiff Xiomara had to get stitches in her hand and cheek. She suffers from nerve damage in her hand and has permanent scarring on her face as a result of the assault by defendant.”
     Guerra also is dealing with emotional trauma from the attack.
     The women seek medical expenses and punitive damages for assault and offensive physical contact.
     They are represented by Spencer Markle with Markle Delacruz in Houston.
     After Quick was arrested, he told investigators he had fantasized about necrophilia, cannibalism and cutting off people’s faces and wearing them as masks since he was 8 years old, according to cbsnews.com and The Associated Press.
     Quick, who turned 21 in jail on May 26, asked to be put on suicide watch in the mental health ward of Harris County Jail shortly after his arrest, according to court records.
     A judge granted the request.
     If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.
     More lawsuits are expected against Quick, and possibly against Lone Star College, due to the number of victims.

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