Terrorists, My Foot, Couple Tells KeyCorp

     UTICA, N.Y. (CN) – KeyCorp refused to open a bank account for a married couple from India and Gambia on the bogus claim that the wife “was married to a terrorist,” Amber and Nuha Jadama say in a federal discrimination complaint. Amber Judama says the bank sent back her $50 initial deposit, telling her that if it let the Jadamas maintain an account it “would be aiding terrorism.”

     Amber Jadama says she deposited $50 in a new joint checking account on Sept. 6, 2010. On Sept. 7, a KeyCorp employee called her and said the bank was “going to sever their relationship as she was married to a terrorist and, therefore, would be aiding terrorism,” according to the federal complaint.
     They got their $50 back on Sept. 16.
     The Jadamas say the only reason the bank could have for the bogus accusation of terrorism is their race and/or nationalities. That’s illegal and unconstitutional, under federal and state laws, the Jadamas say. It’s also defamatory, they say. They seek punitive damages and an injunction.
     They are represented by Thomas DeLorenzo of Schenectady.

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