Terror, Trump & Tripe

     Anyone who takes a sober look at Muslim terrorism must see that it will destroy itself.
     The problem, of course — aside from universal access to cheap and powerful weapons, and the venal and stupid refusal of all the nations in the world to do anything about it — is that “a sober look” is impossible after deluded morons murder human beings by the dozen at a movie theater, a rock concert, a coffee shop, in a commercial airliner, on a bus.
     People who wage war this way are not even waging war. They are flailing about with exploding toys.
     No one in the history of the world ever conquered a nation by killing people at theaters and restaurants, and no one ever will.
     Politicians have responded to these mass murders by telling two lies: that terrorism threatens their nations, and that they can do something about it.
     No, it doesn’t. No, they can’t.
     Let’s consider terrorists bacteria, and terrorism a virus — which is a pretty good description. Bacteria and viruses, like all living things, seek to propagate themselves. If they need human beings to propagate, and they kill everyone they infect, they can’t propagate.
     So a virus, to survive, has to let people live.
     That’s why Muslim terrorism is already dead.
     Oh, sure, we’ll have to keep killing terrorists — by drones, with missiles, on the ground, with Mossad — however.
     But ISIS, the Islamic State, or as I prefer to call them, Those Dickless Morons, are already dead. They are walking around with their bleeding intestines in their filthy hands, showing it to the world, and the world is sick of it.
     Muslim terrorism is a walking dead man because it’s a virus spread by ignorant bacteria. Its plan is to kill everyone who disagrees with a germ, unless it’s a woman, in which case the plan is to rape her and pass her around.
     “Everyone must become Muslim! And our brand of Muslim!” (Copyright registered, all rights reserved.)
     That ain’t gonna happen. Never has, never will. Not in a world with 3.5 billion women. Not in a world that is only 17 percent Muslim, most of whom hate the virus, and a world governed, by and large, by people who are better educated and have better guns than the Dickless Morons.
     The problem with terrorists — and there are Christian terrorists too, and Jewish terrorists — is that they and the carnivorous sheep who follow them are not amenable to reason.
     They have medieval minds. They long for — they demand — a world before science: a world in which truth has been established and never will change; a world that accepts conclusions reached long ago by other people, that uses slogans as a substitute for thought, whose people do not think, but squeeze the world into pre-arranged schemes that neither invite nor allow rational thought.
     In such a world, “It was just and right that persons should be led to the stake and burned.”
     So said Harden Craig, whose 1935 book “The Enchanted Glass” explored the Elizabethan Age’s slight advances from the Middle Ages. It’s a tremendously learned book that bored me to death, except for Chapter VIII, “The Window of Momus.”
     Momus was the ancient Greek spirit of satire. He was deported from Mount Olympus, for obvious reasons. Momus complained that it was difficult to satirize humans correctly, because he had no window to look into their hearts.
     Queen Elizabeth, whose moderation spared England from the religiously inspired mass murders that ravaged Europe, said she did not want a “window to look into men’s hearts.” She wanted people of different religions, and sects of the same religion, to leave each other alone.
     Long live the Queen.
     After this long introduction, here is my point.
     Terrorism and freedom have been the centerpiece of Donald Trump’s campaign.
     But I do not believe that Trump, or his millions of followers, are scared of terrorism, or that they want, or even believe in, freedom.
     Their worldview is just as medieval as that of the people they claim to hate.
     They don’t want freedom. They want obedience to authority. So long as they are the one giving the orders.

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