Teen Model Says ‘Don Cheto’ Exploited Her

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Teen model Victoria Magrini claims the stars of “Don Cheto,” a Spanish-language variety show, forced her to dress provocatively on national television, concealing their intention to present her as “a nubile sexual object to be disrobed and physically touched by a pair of professional buffoons.”

     “Don Cheto” producers allegedly told Magrini, then 15, that the daily program was a “family show,” but it turned out to “prominently display Latina female dancers and models dressed in scanty costumes,” while its star, Pepe Suarez, “played the role of a glamour/pornographic type photographer who acted out taking pictures of Magrini.”
     Magrini says producer Adrian Villarino coached her on “how she should display herself in a salacious and seductive fashion,” and told Suarez and his co-star to help Magrini undress. Then, Villarino directed Magrini’s scene, which included Suarez and the co-star pawing Magrini.
     Magrini is represented by Barry Silver.

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