Teen Blames Casino for Drunken Accident

     ST. CHARLES, Mo. (CN) – An underage drinker blames Ameristar Casino for his fall from a 90-foot cliff. Luke Niere, 19, says went to a “drinking event” at Ameristar that was sponsored by the Tan Co. He claims Tan Co. advertised it “as an event where alcohol would be available for anyone who wanted it, even those under the legal drinking age in Missouri.”

     Niere says he became visibly drunk, but Ameristar employees continued to serve him alcohol.
     Later that evening, still drunk, Niere says, he fell off a 90-foot cliff into a quarry. He suffered broken bones, a collapsed lung, renal failure, nerve damage, respiratory failure and pneumonia, according to the complaint.
     Niere claims that Ameristar was negligent because it should have known it was serving alcoholic beverages to a minor; it served alcoholic beverages to a visibly drunk person; it was reckless in its monitoring and supervision of him; and it was negligent in hiring and training of its employees.
     He seeks damages for negligence and recklessness. He is represented in St. Charles County Court by Ryan Cox.

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