Teen Assault Victim Sues Lawrence Taylor

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor on Monday was sued by the woman he paid for sex when she was 16. Cristina Fierro, now 18, says Taylor sexually assaulted her in a Holiday Inn, despite her protests, and though she “had visible facial injuries from a beating she had just suffered at the hands of the man whom Taylor had called to provide him with a girl for commercial sex.”

     Taylor was sentenced to 6 years probation this year after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute. He also must register as a sex offender. The plea deal came after he was charged with third-degree rape and other counts, according to contemporary news reports. After he was sentenced to probation in March, Fierro said he deserved jail time.
     Rasheed Davis, who provided Fierro to Taylor, was sentenced in August to 7 years in prison for transporting a minor for prostitution. He is not a defendant in Fierro’s federal complaint.
     The complaint states: “In the early hours of May 6, 2010, defendant Lawrence Taylor sexually assaulted Cristina Fierro, a sixteen-year-old girl who had visible facial injuries from a beating she had just suffered at the hands of the man whom Taylor had called to provide him with a girl for commercial sex. Taylor, a 51-year-old former professional football player who is 6’3” and approximately 240 pounds, forced himself on Ms. Fierro, a slight teenager who was not only visibly injured, shaken and crying, but also expressly told him she did not want to engage in sex and tried to push his enormous body off hers. He then handed her $300. The assault occurred in
     Room 116 of the Holiday Inn in Suffern, New York, moments after Ms. Fierro was trafficked across state lines against her will and through the use of force and coercion. Both Taylor and the man who trafficked and beat Ms. Fierro were convicted of crimes based on these events.
     “Every day, thousands of vulnerable girls and women are forcibly trafficked and abused, their bodies and personhood treated like objects and dehumanized by those with power and resources. None of these girls or women should be suffering; Cristina Fierro is just one of them seeking justice. This lawsuit seeks to vindicate Ms. Fierro’s civil rights and remedies under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, the Rockland County law prohibiting gender-motivated violence and state common law.”
     The 13-page complaint then describes how Fierro, who was sometimes homeless, was “lured into living with Rasheed Davis.” She says he got her jobs dancing at bars after hours, and “often took the money that Ms. Fierro earned from dancing, allegedly to ‘pay costs’ such as for rent or clothing,” and that he told her several times “when she was dancing to provide sexual favors to customers in exchange for pay,” which she says she refused.
     But on the night of May 5, 2010, she says, “Davis became so enraged as Ms. Fierro continued to refuse to do as he wanted that he ultimately violently assaulted Ms. Fierro by punching her repeatedly and stomping on her face. As a result of this vicious attack, Ms. Fierro was left with a bloody nose and swollen eye, among other injuries.
     “After beating Ms. Fierro, Davis forced her to change into a dress and get into a car. Ms. Fierro cried hysterically throughout this ordeal and at various points over the course of the events attempted to get help by calling her uncle and his wife.
     “Davis drove Ms. Fierro from his home in the Bronx to the Holiday Inn in Suffern, New York.”
     There, she says, Davis took her to room 116 and “instructed Ms. Fierro to have sex with the man inside the room and to collect $300 for it.”
     She seeks punitive damages for sex trafficking of children by force, gender-motivated violence, and assault and battery.
     She is represented by Mariann Meier Wang with Cuti Hecker & Wang of New York City, and Gloria Allred, with Allred Maroko & Goldberg of Los Angeles.

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