Teacher’s Aide Sodomized Girl, Mother Says

     MIAMI (CN) – A mother says a teacher’s aide who was left in charge of a class took her developmentally disabled daughter outside and sodomized her. She sued the School Board of Miami-Dade County on behalf of her 17-year-old girl.

     The mother claims that teacher’s aide Derrick McPhee was left in charge of her daughter’s class at the Specialized Development Center in Miami after the regular teacher had to leave early and the substitute left McPhee in charge “unattended and unsupervised” for most of the morning.
     She claims McPhee “coerced” her daughter into leaving the classroom and accompany him to a place behind the cafeteria, “where he forced her to perform oral sex on him and then forced her to engage in penile and/or anal intercourse”. She claims that other teachers and staff saw the two walking toward the cafeteria and failed to stop them.
     McPhee was convicted of felonies for this, the mother says.
     She sued the school board for negligence and civil rights and constitutional violations. She is represented in Miami-Dade County Court by Robert Boyers with Hannon & Boyers.

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