Teacher of the Year

     TAMPA (CN) – Because a little girl got up from her chair to get a crayon, her kindergarten teacher at Mintz Elementary School taped her arms to her side and taped her into her chair and left her helpless and crying while classmates laughed at her, the girl’s mom says. She says the 6-year-old girl remained taped to her chair “until the Classroom Mother entered the classroom and untaped her.” Since then, her mom says, the little girl has had “nightmares of animals attacking her, yet they had her teacher’s head on them,” and she is afraid to go to school.

     The girl’s mom, Bertha Sosi, sued the Hillsborough County School Board in Hillsborough County Court. The kindergarten teacher is identified only as “Mrs. Cruz.” The mom claims that “Mrs. Cruz told Miss Sosi [the little girl] not to tell anyone what she had done. Miss Sosi was extremely afraid of the teacher and did not tell anyone about the incident.” The mother says she finally heard about it at a parent-teacher conference, during which “Mrs. Cruz explained to Plaintiff that she had taped Miss Sosi to a chair after Miss Sosi had gotten up to get a crayon.”
     Sosi is represented by Daryl Q. Stringer.

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