Teacher of the Year

      ORLANDO (CN) – The mother of a middle school student says his teacher made her son urinate in his lunchbox in front of the entire class. She claims the teacher refused his request to go to the restroom and told him to use his lunchbox if he couldn’t wait.

     Shameka Bryant says her son, Q.T., was a student in Jameeka Chambers’ class at Meadowbrook Middle School in Orange County. Bryant says her son asked Chambers if he could use the restroom, and she told him to wait until class ended or use a lunchbox in the back of the classroom. The mom says her son was unable to wait and to “avoid soiling himself, he urinated in the lunchbox in the back of the classroom, in the view and presence of his classmates and his teacher.”
     The negligence suit was filed against Chambers and the Orange County School Board. Brant claims the defendants caused emotional harm and public humiliation and the school board failed to train its teachers.
     Bryant is represented in Orange County Court by Martin Jaffe with Morgan & Morgan.

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