Teacher Claims She Was Urged Not to Testify

     OKLAHOMA CITY (CN) – A school principal and attorney allegedly tried to stop a teacher from testifying against a co-worker who had been accused of fondling female students. Donna Waldron claims the principal, Michael Messerli, forced her to attend a meeting with attorney Phyllis Walta, who insinuated that Waldron could incriminate herself by testifying.

     In her federal complaint, Waldron explains that she had been subpoenaed to give a deposition in the case against Ronald Valentine, an employee of Santa Fe Elementary School in the Moore Public School system. Waldron had allegedly seen Valentine alone in the school cafeteria with a 12-year-old girl, engaged in what she considered was inappropriate touching. She immediately reported the incident to his supervisor.
     Shortly after hearing the Waldron had been called to testify, Messerli had her meet with the school district’s attorney. Walta allegedly asked Waldron if she knew it was a crime not to report the incident to the Department of Human Services. This is not true, Waldron claims, and Walta made these and other false statements “solely for the purpose of harassing and intimidating” her.
     Waldron demands at least $10,000, plus legal costs. She is represented by Jeffrey Curran of Jennings Cook & Teague.

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