Taylor Swift’s Personal|Services Firm Sued

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Taylor Swift’s personal services company owes a security firm thousands of dollars, APG Security claims in court.
     APG Security, of New Jersey, sued Firefly Entertainment on Monday in New York County Supreme Court.
     Tennessee-based Firefly “provides event, management and personal services to the entertainer Taylor Swift and her family,” according to the complaint.
     Swift herself is not a defendant; only Firefly is.
     APG claims that it signed a contract with Firefly on June 10, “to provide chauffeur and related vehicle services to Firefly, for the benefit of Taylor Swift (‘Ms. Swift’) and her entourage, in the New York City area.”
     APG says it leased the Tahoe for $1,500 a month.
     Things quickly got complicated.
     “By email dated June 30, 2014, Ryan Malutinok, Firefly’s director of security, presented APG with a list of issues that APG was supposed to ‘remedy as soon as possible.’
     “The items listed in the email were nowhere included in the contract, but APG was nonetheless told to ‘remedy’ them. The email specified the provisions APG was supposed to have in the vehicle when transporting Ms. Swift; under what circumstances they could speak to her; and related matters.”
     APG claims that it complied with “these additional demands,” and that the very next day – July 1 – Malutinok told it to have two more vehicles on call for Swift, beginning July 2.
     It did so, APG says, at a cost of $989.94 for one new Chevy Suburban and $1,107.97 per month for a second one. It leased both vehicles for 3 years, APG says.
     But on July 22, Firefly gave APG 30 days notice.
     APG claims that under the contract, Firefly owes it for the vehicle leases, or the costs it would incur by buying them and then selling them at a loss.
     It seeks damages for breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and promissory estoppel.
     APG is represented by Kara Cormier with Edwards, Wildman & Palmer.

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