Taxpayer Seeks $3.2M for Jackson’s Memorial

     (CN) – A Los Angeles resident wants Michael Jackson’s estate to reimburse the city for the pop star’s $3.2 million memorial service last July, “on the grounds that said expenditure was an illegal gift of public funds.”

     Jose Freddie Vallejos filed suit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.
     Along with being reimbursed the $3.2 million, Vallejos also wants an accounting of expenditures, including how much the city spent to provide police and other support, and disgorgement of any profits from the event.
     Jackson’s estate and fellow defendant AEG Live, the entertainment company that organized the memorial, had already agreed to contribute $1.3 million to help cover taxpayers’ costs related to the pop star’s memorial.
     Also named as defendants in Vallejos’ lawsuit are John Branca and John McClain, executors of Jackson’s estate, and AEG Live.
     Jackson died of a drug overdose June 25, 2009. His father filed a wrongful death lawsuit agaisnt Dr. Conrad Murray on Friday, the anniversary of the singer’s death.
     Vallejos’ lawsuit was filed by Jeff Grotke of San Bernardino, Calif.

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