Taser, Cops Sued for Death by Shock

ST. LOUIS (CN) – Police Tasered a naked man for 52 seconds, until he died, the man’s family claims in Federal Court.

     In July 2008, Samuel De Boise, 29, came out of his house naked, calling himself God, obviously deluded, according to the complaint.
     His family says De Boise lay on the ground, got up and was fatally Tasered by police officers when he couldn’t comprehend the officers’ instructions.
     De Boise had a history of mental illness and offered no physical threat to the officers, the family says.
     The family seeks damages for excessive force, indifference to medical needs, product liability and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is represented by W. Bevis Schock.
     Taser International, St. Louis County and St. Louis County police Officers Bret Lively and Joseph Percich are named as defendants.

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