Talking Kids Book Inventors Sue Hallmark

     NEWARK (CN) – Hallmark and others violate copyright and patent by selling children’s books with sound chips, two inventors claim in Federal Court. Ping “Winnie” Yip claims the defendants’ books are identical to her copyrighted works, “Old McDonald’s Farm,” “ABC,” and “Children’s Sound Book.”

     Yip says she patented her “Children’s Sound Book” in 2003. It is a book with a fabric cover that stretches out “into an elongated representation of the book subject matter,” with sound chips and a controller that emit sounds “when a particular representation is contacted.” The books are aimed at kids 6 months old and older.
     Also named as a plaintiff is Cheung Fung “Billy” Chang.
     Here are the defendants: BearHands Ltd., Hallmark Gift Land, Become Inc., T.A.B. Technical Initiatives, Super Smarty Pants, RehabMart LLC,, La Toys Etcetera, Nasco-Fort Atkinson, and Cuddle BABLES.
     Plaintiffs are represented by Feng Li of Parsippany.

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