Trump & Barr v. Kahn

“There will come cruel gods with eyeglasses,

Lice and lickspittles …”

       — Pablo Neruda

Well, at least we still have three attorneys in the Department of Justice who’ve managed to retain a shred of honor — despite their lying, boot-licking sycophant of a boss, Attorney General Bill Barr.

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Blame Xi Jinping

China and Xi Jinping are responsible for the coronavirus epidemic that’s killed at least 630 Chinese citizens so far and made more than 30,000 sick. Here’s why: If Xi and China can spy on practitioners of Islam, Christianity and Falun Gong, and throw their adherents in prison, why can’t they do this with practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, who use body parts of bats and civets — from which the new coronavirus and Ebola appear to have originated?

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How to Get Along

A rigorous poll of me found that the best nonfiction book published this year in English was Leo Damrosch’s “The Club: Johnson, Boswell, and the Friends Who Shaped an Age.” In our dying, dismally begotten, pernicious year of 2019, Damrosch shows us how people and politicians of opposing views — even virulently opposed views — used to get along.

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The War for Drugs

Pardon me for kicking a hemisphere when it’s down, but our government has been willfully ignorant about Mexico for decades, and so have our newspapers. This week’s slaughter of nine women and children in Sonora did not “shock” Mexico. It was business as usual.

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