Too Much News

One day when I was the editorial page editor of the late, lamented North County (San Diego) Times, I dropped my butt into the chair in an empty newsroom, with my head on top of it, (not directly on top) and got the first call of the day from an irate reader.

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Best Advice I Ever Got

I taught English in public high schools for nine years, and the best principal I ever had taught me an important lesson. He said that when we had to call parents in for a kid’s behavior, “I don’t want you to let them leave until you’ve told them something that will make them feel good about their kid.”

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Trump & Barr v. Kahn

“There will come cruel gods with eyeglasses,

Lice and lickspittles …”

       — Pablo Neruda

Well, at least we still have three attorneys in the Department of Justice who’ve managed to retain a shred of honor — despite their lying, boot-licking sycophant of a boss, Attorney General Bill Barr.

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Blame Xi Jinping

China and Xi Jinping are responsible for the coronavirus epidemic that’s killed at least 630 Chinese citizens so far and made more than 30,000 sick. Here’s why: If Xi and China can spy on practitioners of Islam, Christianity and Falun Gong, and throw their adherents in prison, why can’t they do this with practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, who use body parts of bats and civets — from which the new coronavirus and Ebola appear to have originated?

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