T8 Drivers Say Battery Engine Underperforms

     CHICAGO (CN) — Volvo made false promises that its environmentally friendly SUV, the T8, can run solely on electrical power all day for the average person, a class claims.
     Lead plaintiff Xavier Laurens says he “has become a victim of a classic bait and switch.”
     Laurens claims he waited eight months for a T8 that he bought from a Chicago dealer, thinking he could drive 25 miles before switching over to gas. But when the SUV arrived, he found he could only get 8 to 10 miles on the electric battery, “a far cry” from what Volvo said, according to a class-action lawsuit filed last week.
     “Volvo markets its environmental and safety features to differentiate Volvo cars from those of other car manufacturers,” the complaint states.
     Laurens says he paid $18,300 more than an identical all-gas vehicle for the cost-saving and environmental benefits of the T8’s electric motor.
     The April 21 lawsuit alleges the Swedish manufacturer represented that the 25 all-electric miles were enough to “cover the average commute and daily errands for most people,” but later changed its mind and said the T8 could only go 17 miles without gas.
     But, Laurens claims, the only way “to even come close” to that is to drive 40 miles per hour on the highway with all of the car’s safety features disabled.
     Laurens took his car back to the dealer, who was only able to get 10 miles out of it on electric power driving normally.
     For practical purposes and daily use, Laurens says in the class-action complaint, “the difference between an 8-10 mile range and a 17-25 mile range is enormous.”
     “As a result of this reduced electric battery capacity, Plaintiff is unable to complete his daily commute or everyday tasks without using the gasoline engine, which prevents plaintiff from obtaining the cost saving effects of foregoing gasoline for local trips and the environmental benefits of operating solely on electricity,” the 19-page lawsuit states.
     Volvo is being sued for consumer fraud, breach of warranty and unjust enrichment. Volvo Car USA has not returned a voicemail request for comment from Courthouse News.
     The proposed national class includes all people who bought or leased a 2016 Volvo XC90 T8. It is represented by Todd McLawhorn of Siprut PC in Chicago.

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