Swiped $100,000 and Almost Made it

SAN DIEGO (CN) – A supervisor stole a $100,000 brick of $100 bills from a credit union on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base and got away with it for 7 years, until she was busted last year. A federal jury last week convicted Erin Diane Lovelette of swiping the cash in 2002.

     After making off with the brick of Benjamins, Lovelette structured deposits into other bank accounts, less than $10,000 at a time, to avoid currency transaction report requirements, and she dodged taxes on the loot, the jury found.
     Lovelette was working as an auditor at “another financial institution in Idaho” when she was arrested last year, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a statement.
     Lovelette, 30, faces up to 35 years in prison and $1.25 million in fines at her Feb. 28, 2011 sentencing.

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