Sweden Bans M&Ms in Trademark Dispute

     STOCKHOLM (AP) — A Swedish court ordered candy maker Mars to stop selling M&Ms in the Scandinavian country, at least not with the customary lower-case letters it uses on the packaging and on the colorful chocolates.
     The Svea Court of Appeal said Wednesday it ruled against Mars in a trademark dispute with Kraft Foods, which sells chocolate-covered peanuts under the Marabou brand with a single “m” on the packaging.
     The court said Kraft has exclusive rights to the trademark in Sweden.
     However, it added that using the upper-case M&Ms, as Mars does in its corporate communications, doesn’t constitute a trademark infringement in Sweden.
     Mars said: “We have always believed no confusion exists” between the two products and that it would “assess the next steps for our beloved brand in Sweden.”
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