Suspected Terrorist Wins Reversal of Asset Freeze

     (CN) – A terrorist suspect had his assets wrongfully frozen without judicial review, the European Court of First Instance ruled. Omar Mohammed Othman was included on the United Nations’ list of terror suspects in 2001. The UN Security Council has designated the Jordanian national as an associate of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida or the Taliban.

     The council froze Othman’s assets, but Europe’s second-highest court followed its previous Kadi decision and annulled the order.
     Saudi billionaire Yassin Al-Kadi had been accused by the Swiss government of being a terrorism sponsor before the charges were dropped last year. Kadi’s assets were unfrozen in a decision similar to this one.
     “Mr. Othman finds himself in a factual and legal situation in every way comparable to that of Mr. Kadi,” the court wrote.
     The court also ruled that the council could adopt other restrictive measures against Othman.
     He is in British custody, awaiting extradition to Jordan.

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