Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Law On 6-3 Vote

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The U.S. Supreme Court today rejected a challenge to an Indiana law that requires people to show photo identification before voting. The court upheld Indiana’s law by a 6-3 vote.

     Opponents of the law say it is a thinly disguised effort to deter older, minority, poor and disabled people from voting. They say those population groups tend to vote Democratic.
     The state claims its 2005 law will discourage voting fraud. The bill was largely backed by Indiana Republicans.
     Writing for the court, Justice John Paul Stevens found that the law “is amply justified by the valid interest in protecting the integrity and reliability of the voting process.” Justices Roberts and Kennedy joined in his opinion. Justices Alito, Scalia and Thomas joined in the opinion, but wrote separately.
     Justices Breyer, Ginsburg and Souter dissented.

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