Supreme Court Rejects Microsoft’s Patent Appeal

     (CN) – The Supreme Court has turned down Microsoft’s appeal of a jury verdict finding the software giant in violation of Alcatel-Lucent’s patented technology.

     The justices declined to review a federal appeals court’s ruling last September that Microsoft violated Alcatel-Lucent’s patented method of entering information into fields on a computer screen without using a keyboard.
     Though the Federal Circuit ruled for Microsoft on the patent claim, it ordered the trial court to reconsider the $385 million in damages awarded to Alcatel-Lucent.
      “It was Lucent’s burden to prove that the licenses relied on were sufficiently comparable to sustain a lump-sum damages award of $358 million,” the circuit court explained.
     The high court on Monday turned down Microsoft’s appeal without comment.
     Chief Justice John Roberts took no part in the decision.

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