Superseder Adds to Sen. Leland Yee’s Woes

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – A superseding indictment against California state Sen. Leland Yee and others adds racketeering and vote-selling charges against the suspended lawmaker.
     New charges against Yee in the superseding indictment are racketeering and taking bribes for votes on legislative bills.
     He is accused of agreeing to help buy assault weapons and rocket launchers in exchange for campaign donations.
     The 228-count indictment against Yee, alleged gangland boss Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow and others includes charges of racketeering, money laundering, unlicensed firearms dealing, fraud, narcotics conspiracy, murder for hire, wire fraud and conspiracy to receive and transport stolen property.
     Chow and others were arrested in March after a 5-year federal investigation.
     Chow is accused of laundering money obtained through gambling and drug sales.
     Defendant Keith Jackson, along with his son and associates, is accused of agreeing to traffic firearms for undercover agents, sell drugs and even perform a murder for hire.
     Here are the defendants: Kwok Cheung Chow aka Raymond Chow; Leland Yee; George Nieh, aka Heng Nieh, aka Ah Fei; Keith Jackson; Brandon Jackson; Marlon Sullivan; Rinn Roeun; Alan Chiu, aka Alan Shiu; Kevin Siu; Kongphet Chanthavong aka “Joe,” aka “Fat Joe”; Michael Mei; Andy Li; Leslie Yun; James Pau; Jane Liang; Tina Liang; Brian Tilton; Ming Ma; Hon So; Norge Mastrangelo; Albert Nhingsavath; Serge Gee; Xi Ling Liang aka Elaine Liang; Gary Chen; Anthony Lai; Tony Zhang; Zhanghao Wu; Barry Blackwell House and Wilson Sy Lim.

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