Sun Says NetApp Violates Software Patents

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Sun Microsystems claims Network Appliance violates Sun patents on storage service management software, which NetApp acquired through its Jan. 28 purchase of Onaro Inc. The allegedly infringing programs include the Onara SANscreen product suite and NAS Insight software and networks.

     Sun claims it owns more than 6,000 U.S. patents and spent $1.5 billion in research and development last year, but Net App “spent only about a fourth as much on research and development – approximately $390 million during its last fiscal year – and holds only approximately 200 United States patents. Indeed, rather than innovate, NetApp builds on the innovations of others. For example, while, as alleged below, Sun develops breakthrough software and shares it with open source communities, NetApp … uses extensive amounts of open source code developed by others, without contributing any innovation of its own.”
     This 115-page filing include 105 pages of patent filings and diagrams.

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