Sultan Ibragimov Says Manager Stiffed Him

     FORT LAUDERDALE (CN) – Heavyweight champ Sultan Ibragimov claims his manager, Boris Grinberg, never paid him the $1.6 million he earned defending his title against Evander Holyfield. Ibragimov claims Grinberg gave him a note for $1.59 million after the October 2007 fight, payable by July 15, 2008, then refused to pay.

     Ibragimov won a unanimous decision against Holyfield in October 2007. His complaint states, “The contract between plaintiff and defendant was a valid, oral personal serviced contract whereby plaintiff to risk (sic) life and limb for defendant’s benefit in a boxing contest televised on pay per view, and other international television networks as well as on line. After entry in the contract, plaintiff, who is a famous world class box (sic), fought and won a boxing contest, against Evander Holyfield, another world class boxer. The contract provided for payment to plaintiff by defendant in a sum well in excess of $1,590,000.00. Plaintiff fully performed all of his obligations. However, defendant breached the contract by not paying plaintiff.”
     Ibragimov demands the money plus interest, in Broward County Court. He is represented by Richard Watson with Resnick & Associates of Hallandale Beach.

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