Suit Says Burger King Isn’t Frank About Dogs

(CN) – A class action claims the “100 % beef” hot dogs Burger King has just started selling in select stores in Maryland and Michigan aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
     In fact, in a complaint filed in Montgomery County last week, Md., plaintiff Sodir Galabov says the all-beef dog he purchased was actually made with some pork, a violation of Maryland’s consumer protection law.
     Galabov, of Gaithersburg, Md., says he bought the allegedly offending hot dog on July 7 because Burger advertised and represented that its new hot dog were “100% beef”.
     “But for the Burger King Defendants’ advertisements and representations to the
     public, and to consumers, that its hot dogs were ‘l00 % beef,’ Plaintiff would not have purchased the product from the Burger King Defendants,” Galabov says.
     “The Burger King Defendants have sold, it is believed and averred, thousands of
     hot dogs which they have advertised and represented to the general public, and to consumers, that are ‘100% beef ‘ while, in fact, such representation is false and the products contain pork,” the complaint says.
     Galabov does not say how he determined the hot dog he bought contained pork or was otherwise not as advertised.
     He insists, however, that Burger Kng engaged in deception, fraud, false, pretense, false premise, misrepresentation or knowing concealment, and suppression or omission of material facts.
     Galabov seeks unspecified monetary damages.
     He is represented by Stuart Lipschutz of Blank, Moorstein & Lipshutz of Rockville, Md.
     A spokesperson for Burger King declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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