Suicidal Patient Escaped From Kaiser, Mom Says

     ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CN) – A suicidal patient escaped through an unlocked door at a Kaiser hospital while awaiting transfer to a psychiatric facility, his parents claim in court.
     Brian and Suzanne Amsbaugh sued Kaiser and Securitas Security Services for wrongful death and premises liability.
     Their son, Corey Amsbaugh, was diagnosed at Kaiser Roseville’s emergency room with “psychosis, paranoia and suicidal ideation,” the complaint says. “Health care providers and/or others at Kaiser Roseville determined that decedent was a ‘high risk for suicide’ and detained decedent,” involuntarily, pending transfer to a psychiatric facility, according to the complaint.
     “While waiting for the transfer to a psychiatric facility, decedent was placed, put, brought to, detained or otherwise kept in a designated room at Kaiser Roseville, chosen by defendants, to prevent his escape and the Kaiser Roseville’s security personnel were summoned for ‘bedside patient observation’ to prevent decedent from escaping,” the complaint continues. However, the next day “decedent walked out of the hospital room, through an unlocked door, escaped from Kaiser Roseville and committed suicide,” according to the complaint.
     The Amsbaughs allege Kaiser and Securitas “created, knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care and diligence, should have known, that unless reasonable inspections, repairs, modifications, supervision, control, monitoring and other appropriate measures were made and/or undertaken, such dangerous and defective conditions endangered the safety of patients.”
     Plaintiffs are represented by Werner Meissner of San Pedro.

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